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Christ the Rock Church / Joie Pirkey Discernment Process Part 2

Santa Ana Winds

In Part 2 of the CtR files, I am not sure why the documents are in the order that they are, but I wanted to post them as they appear even though I am tempted to reorganize them.  There are some documents that are posted more than once, and when that occurs, I will either post again with notes or will link back to where they were previously posted.  There are not many like that but I wanted to clarify before we get into the chronological pages. 

Part 2 begins with an email that I sent to the CCV Elders regarding a series of interactions I had with either an angel or the Lord.  You will see in these documents revelations regarding the Santa Ana winds.  I am not sure why Tim kept them in the files, when he was adamant that I keep out the reason the Lord was speaking about them, but I will explain here so that you can understand why things are said about them throughout the files.

I had the dream about Bob Lenz crying in the playground, Jimbo Lenz weeping beside a broken-down church, and Bill Lenz down a driveway that I was not allowed to go.  That dream was the very first indication that if Bill would not repent, his end would be to die. 

In the first reference to that dream found in Part 1, Tim missed that it was the entire dream posted there, but had me take out those last lines about Bill being unreachable later.

When the Santa Ana winds would come, it would be an indicator of the darkness passing and whatever was going to happen to Bill would happen then.  Tim Snell knew about the connection between Bill’s demise and the Santa Ana winds, as did his wife Mindy and a handful of people in our prayer meeting, but other than those few, Tim wanted it kept quiet. 

It is a very important piece of the story to be aware of because it solidifies the testimony of headship. I believe that it was always the intent of the Lord to have prophesied clearly and without reservation, adding these elements about Bill. However, Tim was completely against it and I also did not want to say or believe what I was hearing.  Near the end of the prophecies I was beginning to be very convicted about this and finally, the Lord gave me a way around Tim’s constrictions.  

The CtR Accountability Board

During the time that we were attempting to work with the CtR Elders, we reached out to what their website called an “Accountability Board”.  I wanted to list the names of the people on that Board but the only two that I recall were Stuart Briscoe and a man leading YWAM at the time.  If I can find that list I will add it.  We sent information to them, asking for assistance resolving these discoveries.  To my utter amazement, just days after we sent the envelopes of information, CtR changed the name of the “Accountability Board” to “Advisory Board”.  Letters began to come back from these board members explaining that they were simply there for advice and half of the members of that board resigned immediately after receiving these letters.  A few days later CtR took the entire page down that hosted the pictures and bios of these Board members.  Here was the link to that page.  It no longer works, but it’s all I have to show.

I also found an email between Tim and myself dated October 22, 2007, where I copied and pasted what the CtR website said about this Board:

“Accountability Board
An Accountability Council has been formed to support the Elders by providing outside and objective council in the event of a major dispute or unresolved conflict. They also provide protection, covering, advice and council on issues the Elders seek input on. Their relationship with CTR offers the security of the Elders and congregation that the leadership does not become an end unto themselves.
from the ctr web site: interesting”
This was precisely why we reached out to them for help after communicating directly with the Elders and getting not only a closed door, but being threatened.
You will see later in these files, exactly why the leadership of CCV got involved with all of this, but I will say here that it was directly linked to the prophecy about their children being attacked by the devil with sin, and Bill putting people into ministry that God was not putting into ministry, that being about headship.

Tim’s Notes: For those of you on cell phones Tim’s handwritten notes say:

Have there been other problems?

Are J.K. etc. qualified to vote for Ben?

Final Prophecy to CtR

By October 2007 I had received all of the prophecies about CtR and the Dark Night.  I had heard from the Lord in a number of ways that this entire circumstance would end in Bill’s suicide, the leaders lying about why he did it, the exposing of that lie, the exposing of all of it, and then the church breaking up and a remnant leaving with a new minister.  Tim and I had discussed numerous times his request to withhold anything about Bill’s suicide. I was becoming convicted about it but Tim insisted. By this time I had heard that Bill would kill himself while the Santa Ana winds were blowing, during hunting season, with a gun. Tim and I had been debating how to handle my conviction of saying this in the public prophecies.  As I was praying about it the Lord gave me a scripture that said it plainly enough.  He said to give this text prophetically in three parts in three days.  I have no idea even now why He had me do it this way but if you read it with the back story in mind you can see how I felt that the demise of Bill was said. 

I don’t know why these documents are laid out like they are but I reordered them the best I could.  What you are reading here are three separate posts on my blog.  The first is, “Prophetic Word for Christ the Rock Community Church”.  Then I strategically posted the Santa Ana winds revelation to show that this death would happen during the time they blew. The next one is “Second Part of New CTR Prophecy” (Spelled incorrectly :)). The first part is in order but the remaining text is back up on the first page (Page 3 of 8).  No clue how that happened.

Then the third part follows.

As you read this text can you imagine how I was feeling especially after so much pushback and accusations?  I did not want to say any of it much less such drastic things like this.  But I was hoping that he and the men around him that were fighting this repentance would simply give in and turn to the Lord.  I was very worried for and about Bill and felt like I had to obey every aspect in hopes of restoration. Restoration between them and the Lord.

File Folder Titles with no documents inside

Both the CtR Elders and Bill denied any note was ever written when I spoke about it at the first meeting with CCV Elders and CtR Elders.  Then weeks later I miraculously found it in a stationary envelope that I was about to throw away. I still can not believe that I happened to come upon this note.  I thought for sure that I had thrown it away.

Healing Testimony

The event of me being healed from heart attack damage that is being referenced here happened in 2001. 

This was an interview on His Glory with Amanda Grace regarding the vision and healing.

There was a debate regarding the CCV Elders’ permission to finally send out these prophecies.  Elders were saying ok, to go ahead, but after the fact, were upset that it was done via emails.  I was shocked and confused.  At one point the Head Elder said that he would have been ok with me sitting in the CtR parking lot with a blow horn but not in emails!  They told the CCV congregation that I did it without permission after the disconcerting backlash from the CTR Elders that you will see in tomorrow’s dropped files. I want to say here that numerous people sent emails, comments on the blog, and phone calls to my elders that were hateful.  Some called me a witch.  Some said that I was being led by the devil.  Some called me crazy. Very few took them and brought them before the Lord to pray, and this was extremely unnerving.  It opened my eyes to the real state of the Body of Christ and I began to commit to the Lord that I would do whatever He asked and was repenting myself for the ways that I made choices based on what was best for me and not on what I believed He wanted.


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Douglas Pirkey
Douglas Pirkey
1 year ago

I really appreciate the excellent chronicling by Tim Snell. This record shows a serious and objective process of pastoral oversight. God bless the prophetess for her perseverance (Revelation 1. 9).

Craig Doriot
Craig Doriot
1 year ago

Makes you wonder about all that national talk of pastors being depressed and burnt out in response to Bill’s suicide. Wasnt that what they were talking about with the fundraising for the Lifest stage?

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