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Christ the Rock Prophecies (detailed timeline)
This is the timeline of the prophecies, related events, and the prophetic fulfillments, related to Christ the Rock Community Church in Menasha, WI.

  The Christ the Rock prophecies began in what seemed to be a benign way. At first, the Lord began by leading me to read again and again Ez. 2-6 and then started to make it clear that He was calling me to prophesy to someone specifically about it.  He also was pressing upon me that I would need to tell the things, that he was about to tell me, from the mountain tops, what He whispers into my ear, shout from the rooftops, and that I would have to tell them at the gates in the city.

He had told me that Jan would die on a Sunday morning and it would be announced at Christ the Rock during the worship time.  Tim Stephani and I would be attending this service when her death was announced.  I met with Jan & Dave Lenz to tell them. I knew the prophetic message would be for Bill Lenz, pastor of CtR.  This was given right after Jan was pronounced cancer-free in 1999.

Janet Lenz Dream

I had a dream just a few days after Jan Lenz was diagnosed as cancer-free that she was actually going to die from cancer.  I was not told in the dream which Sunday it would happen, but I knew that it would be a Sunday Morning in the near future.  In the dream, she informed me that there were some things that needed to be dealt with before her death.  Things regarding Lois.  The house.  And most important Dave.

In the dream when she finished speaking I told her that I would make sure that I would help Dave make the transition of living without her regarding his and Lois’ domestic needs.  She left suddenly and Dave entered the foyer of the church.  He was very upset with me which was quite odd because our relationship was always close, jovial, and without conflict.  His upsetness in the dream was disconcerting.  I asked what was going on.

The scene in the dream changed again.  Now I was sitting in the sanctuary.  Tim Stephani and I were in the back to the left of the center of the stage.  I saw a man walk up to the podium of the old Menards building CTR sanctuary, interrupt the worship part of the ceremony, and announce that Jan had died.  Tim Stephani was sitting next to me.  Neither of our spouses or children was with us.  The scene changed again and this time in the dream I was standing in the foyer of the church near the bathroom doors.  Tim Stephani was standing ahead of me in the doorway of the sanctuary.  Bill was standing near the windows to my left.  We were all three looking back and forth at each other very intently.  No one else but we three were in the foyer.  I was wondering what this could mean and then noticed that Bill did not look upset.  I looked back at Tim and he too was noticing.

A rush of people came into the foyer then.  Bob Lenz’s son, David, came up and fell on me.  He was weeping. “Where is your dad?” I asked him.  He responded by saying, “He is not here.”  His upsetness affected me so much that I woke up.  When I woke up I received a Word from the Lord that I was to tell five people of this dream as soon as possible.  I also was told that the prophecy that I was to be shouting from the rooftops was going to be for Bill and that somehow I was going to actually live out the message that I would be given.

Response To Dream Of Janet Lenz

It was very early but I woke Douglas up because I was so upset.  I told him about the dream and also that it was one of the dreams that I would get from God.  I couldn’t calm down so I got up and took a shower.  I got ready and went to Jan and Dave’s house before work.  I arrived there just before 6:00 a.m.  Dave and Jan’s sister Ileen were there cleaning up and preparing breakfast.  Jan was sitting at the table.

I sat beside her on the window bench and laid my head on her shoulder and cried.  Dave kept saying that she was going to be alright and that the doctors had said that she was cancer-free now.  I shook my head “no” as I tried to compose myself and Jan took hold of my face and asked me, “No?”.  I shook my head no again.  “Tell me,” she said.  Jan and I had been very close, even best friends for quite some time and she knew that I would have these dreams that then would happen so she was taking me very seriously.

She picked up a pen as I told her and began writing down the things that needed to be dealt with.  One thing I recall is that Lois was going to have some kind of trouble getting into Jan’s room as she was dying and she made a note to let Dave know that he should inform the nurses that Lois would have complete access to her room.  She did not doubt what I was telling her at all.  She said that she would speak to Dave about the “anger” and that I should come back over after work to talk to them about it.  During this discussion, both Dave and Eileen were listening and were upset.  They kept saying things like, “she’s going to be fine,” and “the doctors said that she is better.” things like that.

When I arrived at Dave’s after work Jan called him into the kitchen.  They both sat across from me at the table.  She had to urge Dave to begin to tell me why he was angry.  Dave said that he was not angry but that he was afraid of me.  I was shocked.  He explained that he had gotten from Bill this idea that I was going to try to destroy the church.  When I asked him how he thought that I could do such a thing, Dave had no response.  I then asked him why after so much time of Douglas and I being away from the church, did he think that now I would do something to hurt them.  He again had no response.    I remember saying that if I had wanted to hurt the church wouldn’t it be logical that I would have done it four or five years ago when Douglas and I had left?  He seemed appeased.  Jan then took his hand and told him to say to me that I would always be welcome at their house.  I thought that that was odd.  I never thought that my welcome there was in any jeopardy.  I actually felt like a part of that family because of how they had always treated me.  But she made Dave say as if it were some kind of commitment that I would always be welcome there.  And he did.

Within two days I had told the following people of the dream about Jan dying and the feeling that it would lead to the message of a prophecy that still was coming for Bill.

1.    Douglas Pirkey

2.    Tim Stephani

3.   Jeanne Levknecht

4.   Julie Duffy

5.   Robin Deltour

6.   Julie Gross

7.   Katy Brennan

Fulfillment Of Janet Lenz Dream

We went to the service. Tim and I sat in the section that we were sitting in, in the dream.  The worship began.  After two songs John Keefer came up to the podium and announced that Jan had passed away exactly how I had witnessed in the previous dream.  The moment was very shocking and surreal for Tim and me.  We sat there silent for a moment.  The impact of having seen this scene before and actually living in memory as it unfolds has an effect similar to the feeling you realize when you are in a parked car and are about to back up and the car next to you actually begins to pull out.  It’s like a fear that grips you and makes you a bit dizzy and disoriented.  This was so extreme at that moment that I began to vomit.  So I quickly made my way to the bathroom.

I was in the bathroom for quite a while. Tim became concerned and walked out of the sanctuary to check if I was OK and where I had gone.  As he left the sanctuary doorway I was coming out of the bathroom.  When we saw each other in that particular position as we had discussed in the dream we stopped and looked to the door expecting to see Bill.  In came Bill.  We three stood there looking back and forth at each other.  Tim and I were shocked because we were once again in the exact places that we were in the dream, and Bill was obviously wondering what we were doing there.  We had not been to CTR in years.

Bill did not look upset, I don’t know why, maybe because he was surprised to see us standing there.  By not upset I mean he was not crying.  While we three looked at each other, Janet approached Bill.  At that point, Tim and I left.  We went to Dave’s house to see if they needed anything cleaned up or coffee or whatever before the rush of people came after hearing about Jan’s death.

Pictures Dream

I had a dream, shortly after Jan died, about some pictures.  In the dream, Jim Lenz- Dave’s youngest living son and Bill’s brother, was searching about the house gathering all of these black and white pictures.  Some I saw.  One was a picture of the skulls, a group Dave was in just out of High School.  One of Ileen and her mother.  One of Dave’s father, etc.  I was told that I had to continue to go to Dave’s house against Bill’s opposition until Jim gathered these pictures. Then I wouldn’t have to go again.

That afternoon I stopped by Dave Lenz’s house because I saw Jim’s car there on the way home from dropping the kids off for school.  Jim and Bill were in the kitchen.  Jim seemed happy to see me.  I asked him to stop down at my house because I needed to speak to him.  I wanted to tell him about the dream. He said that he would be down in five minutes and that he was excited to see my new house. I had just moved less than a block away from Dave’s house.

One hour and forty-five minutes later he came down.  He seemed upset and distant.  He told me that God had told him not to be with me again.  That he was not to see or speak to me.  I asked him then why was he at my house and why had he said he wanted to see me?  He said that he wanted to know what I had to tell him.  After I explained to him that He needed to obey God even if he didn’t understand why he told me to go ahead and tell him the dream anyhow.  When I told him he asked me about the pictures.  He asked what type of pictures, and where I saw him get from.  He listed off some places in the house.  We spoke briefly and he left.

Sometime later he had phoned me from Dave’s asking again about where I had seen him looking for the pictures. Another time when I was over at Dave’s walking with Lois, I spoke to Jim again about what gathering those pictures could mean.  Neither of us had any idea.

Event:  Bill goes to Dave and asks him to keep me from coming over to the house.

“Someone else close to Bill will die (Winter 2000)” 

“Doug insists I not tell Bill  (June 24, 2000)” Douglas and I had been discussing at length the dreams and words from the Lord regarding Bill.  Also, I had yet to receive the actual message that I was supposed to give to him.  Doug felt that if God wanted me to speak with Bill about these matters, as I had believed God had told me, God would have to bring Bill to me.  He also wanted me to cut any ties with him because he felt that Bill was acting unreasonably by pushing Dave to keep me away. Saying that if God wanted me to prophecy to Bill he would have to bring Bill to me would be a sort of fleece, to see if God actually wanted me to speak to him.

“First heart attack (June 27, 2000) 

I had my first heart attack on June 27, 2000. Upon coming home from the hospital on July 3, I received a card from Bill Lenz, asking me to meet with him.

Later that month, I made an appointment with him to discuss the contents of the card and then another appointment to discuss the prophecy.  I still did not have the actual message.  I was certain, however, that it would come.

“Dave Lenz declines meeting (Summer 2000)”

Dave tells Doug and me that Bill had come and asked him not to let me come to the house.  When Dave pushes back resisting the request, he told Doug and me that Bill then brought some of the elders to speak to him about it. Dave declines to meet with us until we ask him why. He explained the situation and then spoke of his promise to Jan.  He asked me to refrain from coming to the cottage then but said I should come down to see him and Lois any time I wanted.  After that conversation, if I didn’t come at least three times a week he would catch me as I passed in the mornings and afternoons picking up my kids from school and asking me where I had been.

Eagle & Wolf vision (Summer 2000)” 

I had a vision of seeing an eagle looking here and there as if it were waiting for something.  Underneath it was a wolf.  It, too, looked as if it were waiting- only the wolf seemed to have mal intent.  The vision was short and had no interpretation.  I prayed often, only hearing that the interpretation would come.

Dave’s Death (Sep 10, 2000)

I get a call from Karen Lemieux.  She tells me that Dave has had a heart attack and has died. The pictures are gathered by Jim.

Dream about Jim’s Church (Sep 2000)

In this dream, I am walking into what looks like a schoolyard.  To my left, Bob Lenz is sitting on a teeter-totter looking at a book crying.  To my right and in front of me Jim is down on one knee weeping.  In front of him is what looks to be the rubble of a church building.  I ask a man who is walking behind me why Jimbo is crying.  I ask if his church has burned down.  He answers and says that the church never was a church and Jim weeps because he thinks that it did not grow because of him.  Somehow I know that Jim’s blame is misplaced.

I approach Bob.  “Why are you crying?” I ask him.  He says, “You are not in any of the pictures.”  He shows me the book.  It is a history of CTR and family pictures.  I am not in any of the photos.  “Why are my pictures not there?”  He says that Bill has taken them out.  When I asked him why he told me that I would have to ask Bill.  I asked where Bill was and he pointed down this little driveway.  I could not get to Bill and became very upset as if he was in danger.  I woke up.

I’m Released from CTR (Sep 14, 2000)

The night before Dave’s funeral, I went to his house.  Bob, Jim, and Lois were there.  We were getting the picture board ready for Dave’s funeral.  We had a good time looking back at the photos.  I was relieved somehow to see some with me on them.  There was a funny one with Jan, Dave, and me at the kitchen table.  We all laughed and Bob told me to pin it to the board.  I fixed it in the upper right-hand corner.

The next day at the funeral, as we passed through the reception line, the picture boards were placed for people to see as they waited in line.  As I approached I noticed that the picture of Dave and me that I had pinned on the night before was gone.  It caused a surreal feeling like I was back in that dream.  I looked over at Jim.  It was not until that moment that I realized that I was looking at the pictures that I had dreamed about Jim gathering.  I also realized at that moment that I had to cease going to Dave’s house as I was told in the dream because Dave would no longer be there.  In that reception line, Jim was watching me.  I mouthed the words to him asking if it was he who gathered the pictures and he nodded yes.  The impact again hit me physically and I nearly fainted.  As I stumbled and Greg Sampson was behind me in the line and helped me to my seat. 

Eagle / Wolf Vision Interpreted (Sep 15, 2000)

When I woke up the morning after the funeral, God told me that He was going to finally give me the actual message that I was to give to Bill.  Here is how I received it to the best of my recollection:

I was to tell Bill both of the dreams and their outcomes.  Then I was to tell him that it was his father who told me that he, Bill, had asked Dave that I not go to his house.  I realized here how I was actually living out the message.  What Bill had done to me and how God and Dave had responded to that was becoming the actual example of what Bill would need to repent of.  I also came to understand why it had to be me who had to give the prophecy.  I, in the awkward position that I held between the Lenz family and Bill, was in just the right situation to become an example of what God wanted to tell Bill. The rebuke/ prophecy was to begin like this:

Dave’s house is Dave’s house.  He is the authority there.  Bill is the oldest son, but still, he is not the Head.  It is not Bill’s place to say who should come to and who should go from Dave’s house.  In the same way, CTR is God’s house.  He is the authority there.  Bill is the Pastor, but still, he is not the head.  It is not Bill’s place to say who should come to and who should go from God’s house.   God told me that I had to live out the message.  That He was going to use me as a “line”.  Bill was sinning by raising people up in ministry that God was not raising up and also by keeping people from ministering that God was calling to minister.  He said to tell Bill that the vision of the eagle and the wolf meant this:  If Bill would repent of this sin the eagle, who is the Holy Spirit, will be loosed on CTR and the devil, who is represented by the wolf, will be bound.  If Bill does not repent of this sin, the Holy Spirit will be bound and the devil will be loosed.  They are both waiting.

I was then told to remain silent and let Bill speak.  I would be sitting there as an example for him to easily see where to begin his repentance.

These things were not to remain secret, but were to be, as God said verbatim;

“What I tell you in your bed chamber you will speak at the gates of the city and what I whisper in your ear you will shout from the rooftops.”   I did not understand how I could ever accomplish this last directive.

Meeting with Bill Lenz  (Fall 2000)

In the meeting (late fall of 2000), I told Bill in detail the dreams and visions regarding this matter.  He listened intently.  He asked me if I had said everything that I felt I needed to say.  Then he told me that he “received what I was telling him as if it was from the Lord”.  He went on for nearly forty-five minutes explaining why he thought that the sins I was referring to were actually the sins of his staff / Elders.  That he was somehow accountable for their sins and would inevitably have to pay for their sins.  I was deeply concerned but was feeling that my silence was imperative.  I did say at the end of the conversation that I was concerned that I didn’t say it all correctly and succinctly.  He misunderstood what I was trying to say and responded as if I had said something hurtful.  Instead of trying to clear it up, I apologized and told him again that I knew that God wanted me to stay silent and that I should have said nothing.  He seemed OK with that and I left.

Bill’s Thank You Card (Dec 2000)

A few days after our meeting Bill dropped off a card thanking me for coming to speak with him.  The note (below) was sweet, kind, & affirming- thanking me for my “tender heart”.  I felt hopeful.


Devil is Loosed Vision (Jan 2001)

This was a very short vision.  I saw a wolf racing a crossed a wooded area with its head held low to the ground as it ran.  I heard a voice say the devil has been loosed.  Not audibly then I heard the same voice say the wolf was heading for the families first.  I was surprised by this because I assumed the enemy would hit the leadership first.  I was also shocked because I believed after Bill’s response that he was repenting and that the enemy would have been held back.

Sampsons Delivered from Attack on CTR (Summer 2001)

One morning in the summer of 2001, I awoke praying for Julie Sampson and her family again.  I was told to get up and call her.  I was supposed to tell her that her family “would be delivered from the attacks on the church’s families”.  I was told they would “come out” with a remnant.  She had been struggling that night with those very thoughts.  She told me that she had been actually praying that her family would be “delivered”.

I was also told in the dream to tell Julie, to tell Greg, that “when he came and asked me the question I would answer him forthrightly.”  I was told that Greg would ask some sort of question regarding the entire story of the prophecies for CTR.  I was to tell him everything.  I told Julie.   We discussed only briefly what that meant.  I assumed that we would have the conversation early the next spring because the vision was set in early spring.

Events that Would Precede the ‘Fall’ of CTR (Summer 2001)

I was told that five things would happen in the church before the church would split five ways.

The first was already unfolding and I had been told this one previously when I was shown the wolf being loosed.  The families of the church would be attacked.  Marriages would split.  The children would be attacked.  Not with sickness but with sin.

After a short amount of time, I was told that some leaders at CTR had a meeting to discuss why so many families were splitting apart because the number of families divorcing during that time period was increasing significantly.  As the elders of my church at that time, we were looking through the facts of these prophecies this meeting was confirmed by the CTR eldership.

The second thing would be that the finances would be attacked.  The sanctuary that was planned in the original building plans would never be built.

I have been told by CTR members of financial difficulties being shared from the pulpit at services.  That the sanctuary part of the plans was changed.  They still are meeting in the all-purpose room.  At the time this prophecy was given the sanctuary was set to begin building in the following October which did not happen and still in 2013 has not begun.  The most recent given was due to a lack of church growth.

The third was that the Spirit of God would leave the church.  He showed me this by a short vision of a camp that looked barren.  I was told that the spiritual authority of CTR would be gone.  I understood that the people attending of course, still had the Spirit of God in them, but that the spiritual authority given by God to the leadership of a local church was now removed.

The fourth thing was that the unity of the Pastoral staff would disintegrate.  That they would begin to feel disjointed and separated from each other.

The fifth would be that Greg Sampson would leave the church with a remnant of people when the leaves were bright green and not completely unfolded on the trees.  Before Greg would actually leave he would come to me and ask the question.  I would tell him the prophecies.  Also, I was to tell him about these five things.  Greg would leave.  Before he actually leaves I saw what looked like a membership meeting in which Bill announces to the church members that Greg is leaving.  He says something to the effect that things are not a problem between them and that this is in no way a split.  He does not say at this meeting that Greg has his blessing to leave.  He then steps back from the podium and Greg steps forward.  There is a very large screen, like a TV screen to the right of the podium.  A camera is filming this event.  The camera zooms up to Bill’s face.  Bill makes an expression that shows that he is truly not happy with Greg as he is leaving.  For some reason, when the people see this on the screen they get up and leave.  Not all of the members sitting in the church at that time left, but a majority do.

Instructed by Pastor to Be Silent (Aug 2001)

Tim Snell, who was my Pastor at the time, asked me to be silent regarding the telling of the prophecies.  I was instructed from the beginning by God that I was not to be silent regarding what was unfolding.  However, once the five things were told to me I began to hear from families at CTR about breakups and family troubles.  Tim felt like I should wait and let God do what He would until the time was right to share them.

Meeting with Greg Sampson (Mar 8, 2004)

On Monday, March 8th, 2004, Julie approached me at L.C. Elementary while we were picking up our children.  She asked me to pray for the church, referring to CTR where Greg was still on staff.  She told me that things were not going well for Greg.  Somehow in the conversation, she asked me about the time that I told her that Greg was going to ask me “the question.”  I retold her to the best of my ability exactly what I remembered.  She asked me if I would write it out for Greg.  When I gave her the note I asked her to tell Greg that, “when I told his Pastor this message he said that he received it as if it were from the Lord”.

She called me later and asked me to stop in when I picked up my son Elias who was playing with her sons from her house.

When I arrived Greg was also pulling into the driveway.  She handed him the note while we both entered the kitchen.  He read it and then explained that he could not hear what I wanted to say because it would be stepping out from under his spiritual covering.  I asked Julie if she had told him what I asked her to tell him.  Julie then informed Greg of Bill’s response.  Greg went out of the room for a time and heard him discussing the matter with someone on the phone.

I told him the entire dreams and visions that lead up to the message for Bill. I told him that Bill received it and then about the following visions regarding CTR’s demise.  I also told him that God had been calling me to tell this story to whoever would listen and even to those who would not listen.  But I would wait for my Pastor to release me but I explained to Greg that I would need to begin soon and would give him at least a week before I would begin.

When I finished telling Greg all that had happened I then heard from God and began prophesying to Greg.  Here is what I remember of the prophecy as closely as I can recall:

“I am now going to prophecy to you.  In the dark days ahead of you men who you see as the spiritual authority will tell you that leaving is not from God.  They are wrong.  The Spirit of God is with you.  He has called you out.  He has given you a vision and a calling.  You are looking here and there saying when is it the time of the Lord and He is saying the time is already at hand.  The longer you stay at CTR the more painful it will be for your family and for those who will follow you out.”  To these statements Greg, two or three times said, ”This is what the Lord is telling me.”  I was also told that Greg would begin his own church in an untraditional place and that they would have artwork in their services.  Shortly after this, I was also told that a man named John Setser would follow Greg and “scrub” the prophecies off of him.

Julie called me a few days later and told me that two men in Greg’s life had confirmed to him that the prophecies were from the Lord.  She thanked me on her and Greg’s behalf.

Meetings with CCV Elders (Mar 10, 2004)

I speak with the Elders from CCV about what is happening with Greg and the need for a spiritual covering while Tim is out of state.  They wait to release me to speak until Tim gets home and affirm that what they are hearing is from the Lord.

Released to Prophesy (Mar 17, 2004)

Tim Snell speaks to the Elders of CCV.  They released me to begin speaking to people about the prophecies.


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10 years ago

“Shortly after this I was also told that a man named John Setser would follow Greg and “scrub” the prophecies off of him.”

What does that mean?

Richard Gault
Richard Gault
8 years ago

Dreams of death can sometimes be changed by intercession. Did anyone ask God if it could be changed ?

6 years ago

Kind of weird from a profit which has so much clarity and knowledge to know that CTR was never in a old Menardd building. It was Stock Lumber. If you can’t get simple facts strait then how can you know CTRs future. Going there for 14 years as an active member does not seem to add up.

Joie Pirkey
Joie Pirkey
6 years ago
Reply to  Infidel

the name of the building was not being given by the Lord it was simply what I called it. Me making numerous mistakes has nothing to do with a word from the Lord.

4 years ago
Reply to  Infidel

I used to go to Christ The Rock Church. My wife and I left christ the rock because it disturbed us that once in a while The Minister would give false teachings. The teaching was unbiblical. It isn’t about your acts that will get you right with God, it’s about God’s grace. But they did a few sermons that you have to act a certain way to be right with God. Again it isn’t about your actions it’s about you asking God to forgive you for your actions and all about God’s grace!!! After about three of these sermons we left and went to Pathways Church. I have never heard Pastor Adam, at Pathways Church, ever give a sermon that was unbiblical.

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