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Christ the Rock / Joie Pirkey Discernment Process Part 3

Part 3 The Timeline

The Elders at CCV had asked me to jot down a quick general timeline to use as they attempted to understand the prophecies chronologically.  This was never meant to be used for anything else but a reference.  However, at some point this document was given to the CtR Elders and assumptions were made about the general references and terms being used along with specific inaccuracies. An example: I state that something happened in the late Fall and they were maybe on a men’s retreat in late fall so it could not be true.  But, again, this was an off-the-cuff timeline of things where they transpired the best that I could recall without doing any research of emails, letters, etc. 

NOTE: I believe that the document that they are referring to is the one at the end of Part 2 in an email titled “Mike Sanders”.  The one the CCV Elders were angry about after I got permission from them to share the prophecies.  As they dealt with the backlash they clarified saying that it was that I used email to send it and then more clarification saying that they weren’t comfortable with the actual document.  Keep in mind none of these variables were communicated to me when they said to go ahead. It is important if the Body of Christ is really going to make changes to the culture that breeds abuse to see how these loop holes are found by leaders and close them up.  Transparency seems the only way.

NOTE: Notice the names of the men that signed this letter.

Also just my two cents here, the scriptures they cite with instructions on how to deal with what is going on are simply not correct.  Going to the Elders when a leader is found in sin is not found in scripture.  As per Matthew 18, I did go to Bill personally but not because I “caught him in sin” as it says to do in Matthew, but because I had to give him a prophetic word.  Not receiving an accusation against a leader without two or three witnesses is bizarre since they would not hear the witnesses.  The “accusations” didn’t come until witnesses came forward, went to Bill, then to the Elders then to me.  Just a jumbled-up mess here of the misuse of scripture that sounds authoritative but is not solid.  

We can discuss this further in the comments if anyone has questions or thoughts about this.

NOTE: Again, handwritten notes were made by Tim Snell.  I’ll type up the ones I can figure out in notes for those on phones.

NOTE: I can’t make out his first comment.  Something like “Doesn’t deal with prophecies but calls into question???

-He said, She said

-others dispute

-not prophecy


-A matter of what happened. Doesn’t contradict prophecy. Deals with Joie’s perception.

-Not ????

-Where is this? (Jimbo told me that Bill said it on the day it happened. Then weeks later said that it was the Lord that told him to stay away while he was with me both times telling me.)

-Isaiah and Jeremiah prophecy against those who won’t receive them.

-What is the point? He is referring to the last paragraph about the pictures being taken off the picture boards at the funeral. 


-He said, she said

-Is this germaine?

-He said, she said.


To the first Fact on Page 5 regarding Bill saying who is in and out of ministry, Tim notes: 

-This is Crucial -What measure of influence does Bill have in raising up and forbidding people?


To witnesses, Tim writes:  -I can produce these.


-I was told these before that the judgment was conditional… and can verify Joie’s shock and sadness at the later vision of judgment

-He said, she said

-She referenced this immediately


-Levels of binding


-How can we answer these?

-Not too significant


-Says …vested in leadership

—>God is always … His people

-This is happening


-Israel rejoicing over other???

-Is his discernment

Tim says to the statement, “In our opinion, the process that is taking place now should have been completed before permission was granted.” *Disagree-let it be spoken-this is the very control she speaks of.

-This is unproven.  They never spoke to Greg.

Take note of who signed this letter.

NOTE: CtR printed up hundreds of these letters and handed them out at every service. 

This is what I was referencing earlier.  The pressure was upon the CCV Leadership from the CtR Leaders along with that there was significant pushback online. They are being careful with their words and how they are summarizing but it’s simply not true. The bottom line is why would I wait over 4 years and then just send it right when the discernment process was in full swing?  Because I wouldn’t. 

Tim was out of town when another part of the prophecy happened, so I went to the remaining Elders to be sure that it was ok to send and they gave me the green light.  When Tim returned he nearly flipped out. But the Leaders backed into the shrubs and I was left carrying the ball.

Like I said, they told me that I could tell it.  You can see even in the correspondence that Bill is saying that they should have completed the discernment process before giving permission to share it.  But I was waiting because I wasn’t sure how to go about it.  So for them all to pretend that I had a clear directive to be silent and then throw it to the wind for no apparent reason is simply not accurate. But who would I go to, to say, “hey you guys are lying to cover your own butts”?  So I simply told them point blank that we all knew this was not the truth but that I was not quitting and would do whatever else they told me to do. 

I was trusting God that no matter how many of us messed up and let me be clear, we all did at one point or another, if we kept obeying God, He would have His way.

Time Out!

Once this situation regarding the sending out of the prophecies the CCV leadership put me into what we all called a “Time Out”.  This “Time Out”, according to Tim,  lasted a year and a half but was actually nearly two years.  I was taken out of every ministry position and was not allowed to prophecy during this time.  I was allowed and did clean the offices, stuffed envelopes, set up chairs, etc during this time.

If I received a Word from the Lord I was asked to write it down, seal it and mail it to the offices.  Those prophecies were then put into a file and were only opened if a prophecy came to pass.  During this time I had to ask permission to tell a Word to any individual, which I did a few times, but nothing was allowed publically. An odd fact: Tim was pretty consistently using my prophecies in his sermons being careful not to say that they came from or through me.

In one situation the life of a baby was saved.  Her name is Grace and her testimony is very powerful. 

During this time I had asked the Lord often how to manage it.  It was humiliating as it was designed to be, both personally and publically.  More importantly, it was confusing spiritually.  The Lord went right on giving me revelations that now I was sealing up in a letter and waiting on.  This felt wrong in my spirit, and wrong biblically.  I had a number of conversations with the leadership about it.  So many questions but the “Time Out” held until the CCV Leaders were finished with a long course on prophecy.  I will tag the course because it shows up next in the “Blue Book”. 

When we were almost finished the Lord asked me to stay in the “Time Out” longer and I agreed.  I thought it was interesting that He gave me an option.  In the end, I wanted His will and asked what He wanted and He clearly showed me what He was doing and that He did want me to stay in it.  So I did.


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